Fight the Anti-Refugee Laws

In April 2022, the UK Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill completed its passage through Parliament and became the Nationality and Borders Act. The Act is part of the Government’s ‘New Plan for Immigration’ that seeks to reform our immigration system, and will introduce significant and harmful changes to the way people seeking asylum are treated in the UK. 

These #AntiRefugeeLaws will fundamentally rewrite the UK asylum system, with grave consequences for vulnerable people seeking sanctuary.

What’s wrong with these laws?

“With these anti-refugee laws, the Government is closing their eyes and throwing people back to war and persecution.” Kidist, Leeds

People with experience of the asylum system have warned that the #AntiRefugeeLaws are designed to punish, not protect, people seeking sanctuary. They will create a two-tier system based on the journeys people made to get here, rather than their need for protection, and will criminalise thousands of refugees

The laws will separate families and create ever longer backlogs and delays in the asylum process that will leave people living in limbo. They will warehouse people in accommodation centres rather than house people in communities, and will lead to greater poverty and homelessness.

“Due to a political problem I was forced to leave Afghanistan and travel to the UK through different countries. These laws will mean people in my situation will have no chance to claim asylum”. Asimgul, Walsall

We believe that people seeking protection from war and persecution should be welcomed, and that everyone’s claim for asylum should be treated equally and fairly, and that the UK must offer sanctuary to those who need it.

What can you do?

Throughout the passage of the Bill, communities from across the UK came together to stand up for people seeking safety. Now that the Bill has become the #AntiRefugeeLaws, alongside hundred of groups Asylum Matters and Refugee Action have pledged to fight the #AntiRefugeeLaws and ultimately get these cruel laws repealed.

We will continue fighting these anti-refugee laws with our partners and the people affected by them. We won’t rest until these damaging measures are overturned.

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