Asylum Seekers and the Right to Food – Our briefing with Sustain

Working in collaboration with Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming we have created this comprehensive briefing ‘Covid-19 Briefing: Asylum Seekers and the Right to Food’

It outlines the different types of asylum support, how the Home Office decides the amounts they are set at and how asylum support harshly affects food security for those seeking asylum. Using data from the survey we carried out last year (outlined in our report Locked into Poverty) it highlights how Covid-19 severely exacerbated this food insecurity and digital exclusion. Finally, it defines the provisions in international human rights law on the right to food for those seeking asylum.

We hope this resource can be used in more in-depth conversations about asylum support and how it prevents people from accessing healthy and sustainable food.

Thanks to the team at Sustain, it was great working with you!

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