Our Partners and Allies

Asylum Matters works in partnership with a broad range of organisations and groups locally and nationally. We mobilise and provide platforms for the voices of direct experience to be heard; refugees, people seeking asylum and the people who work with them in communities up and down the country. We engage with key decision makers at a local and national level as well as seeking to influence opinion formers via our campaigns for change.

Experts by Experience

Our campaigning work is shaped and driven by the experiences and concerns of people going through the UK asylum system. We provide platforms for Experts by Experience to speak out about their experiences and share testimonies and evidence directly with decision makers. We meet with asylum seeker-led groups and people who are working alongside asylum seekers and refugees as advice workers, volunteers and friends  in order to understand how asylum policy is affecting their lives and strengthen their capacity to campaign for change. 

Partners and Allies

We work with a broad range of local and national organisations including refugee support projects and organisations with over-lapping interests such as homelessness charities, health advocacy groups and faith groups. We also work in partnership with Local Authorities, Strategic Migration Partnerships and statutory services to improve the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum. 

Decision Makers and Opinion Formers

Asylum Matters engages with key decision makers in local and national government in order to push for positive policy change, including MPs, Peers, Councillors and Mayors. We also target non-elected decision makers such as commissioners, civil servants and policy-makers, as well as opinion formers within think tanks and the media.  

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