Asylum Matters produces a range of resources that support our work to improve the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum. These range from briefings and reports for decision makers and those responsible for policy and practice, to submissions to parliamentary and government consultations and inquiries. We also produce guides and action packs that enable our local and national partners to take action on particular issues and we provide resources and training about how to campaign effectively.

In addition to the resources noted below, we share regular updates and new resources with our local and national partners. If you would like to receive these updates, please contact us.

Policy Briefings

We regularly produce policy briefings on the themes we work on. We typically create briefings when we are seeking to engage with a new piece of legislation or to inform a debate or a review. We also make submissions to parliamentary and government inquiries and consultations, often co-ordinating responses from our local and national partners, or sometimes making our own submission.


Our resources equip our partner organisations and community campaigners with the information, skills and know-how to campaign for change. Our fact sheets and action packs will help you to hold an effective meeting with your MP, plan local lobbying actions, and even master-mind your own local campaign to improve the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum.


We deliver bespoke training and talks for our partner organisations and the individual volunteers and activists that support their advocacy, awareness raising and campaigning activities.

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