Guest Blog: The #AntiRefugeeLaws throw people back to war and persecution

Kidist Teklemariam, the Director of Unleashing Refugee Potential C.I.C, has shared a guest blog outlining why we must fight the UK Government’s cruel #Anti-RefugeeLaws.

“I was recently asked, ‘What would the anti-refugee laws have meant for you?’

I want to ask why am I experiencing so much difference between the humble treatment and welcoming culture of the British population, and the policy of the UK Government? There is a difference between rhetoric and reality regarding people’s perception of refugees.

Let me tell you how the British people treated fellow refugees and me. They started conversations when they saw us stressed and depressed while travelling, walking and sitting in the parks; they sheltered us, provided food and clothing when the Government failed to deliver; they shared our pain and helped us in our journey to start over our lives here in the UK. 

Is the culture of hospitality and kindness deteriorating for humanity, or is it the world’s politics that has started stealing our humanity and dignity? 

Refugees do not choose to leave their home, family, and friends; rather, they are forced to leave their country to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

As a developed country with educated people, acting as political leaders of the world, is imprisonment, deportation and preparing offshore detention centres the best you can come up with or do? 

Where are your creativity, morality, ethical values, and “British Culture”?

Is it challenging to create an abundance model and create positivity for humanity? Refugees are coming with their labour, intellectual capacity, and massive potential. The Government should handle the human resources as productive assets rather than amplifying their dependency on the economy. I do not believe that government policy towards asylum seekers and refugees is fair and responds effectively to the claimed challenges. I disagree that the funds allocated and taxpayer’s money is managed correctly, and, even in a few cases, might be designed to benefit a few claiming to support these target groups. 

To express my feeling towards the laws, I feel like politicians are willing to close their eyes and ears and build a fortress. They clean their hands of the guilt of pushing people to be drawn to the sea, throwing them back to war and persecution. I do not differentiate it from murdering innocent people with bare hands.”

Call on your MP to stand with people seeking sanctuary and pledge to defend the right to seek safety. Groups and organisations can take also action to challenge these #Anti-RefugeeLaws by signing up to the Fight the #AntiRefugeeLaws pledge

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