General Election Resources for Asylum and Refugee Advocates


Stand up for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum this election!

The upcoming general election on December 12 gives us a key opportunity to raise our voice for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. Here is our round-up of the election resources that partners in the refugee and asylum sector have produced so that you can use them to make your voice heard this winter!

Refugee Action campaign resources

Refugee Action have produced a range of campaign tools for you to use. You can email your candidates and download a local campaigning guide with suggestions on ways to raise issues affecting refugees and people seeking asylum on the doorstep and at hustings. This includes a new version of their election door hanger, which gives you key questions to raise with canvassers and candidates on the doorstep!

Share the campaign video to spread the word.

Refugee Council election pack

Refugee Council have released an election pack, which covers the key policy issues affecting refugees and people seeking asylum and how you can raise them during the election campaign. They are also gathering feedback on any responses supporters have received from candidates and political parties on these issues, which you can share via email at [email protected]

Promote the Migrant Vote

Just as important as raising the issues affecting refugees and people seeking asylum is ensuring that everyone who can vote does so! Promote the Migrant Vote is a joint initiative by Migrants Organise and organisations across the migration and race equality sector to support migrants and BAME communities to engage with the election. Use their action kit to get informed and support efforts to register and mobilise people to vote and raise the issues that matter to them.

Scottish Refugee Council manifesto

The Scottish Refugee Council have released a manifesto of their key policy asks for the next UK Government. This includes an end to immigration detention, increasing asylum support rates and voting rights for all migrants. The policies are relevant to the whole of the UK so you can talk to your candidates about them whether you live in Scotland or not!

JCWI election resources

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) have produced a series of resources to put migrants’ rights on the agenda. You can read their People Move manifesto, download an ‘I Stand with Migrants’ poster to display in your window, use their tool to contact your local candidates and get tips on how to organise an event or talk to your friends about migrants’ rights.

Can I vote?

Citizens UK have launched a brand new website to inform commonwealth citizens of their right to vote and encourage them to use it. Anyone can use the website to check whether they’re eligible to vote and easily click through to the Government’s register to vote pages.

The deadline to register to vote for the December 12 election is November 26 at 11:59pm – you can register at

Something missing? If you know of any other election initiatives on migrants’ rights please let us know and we’ll share them here.

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