Lift the Ban Launches Today!

Join us in Campaigning for the Right to Work for People Seeking Asylum

Asylum Matters has today come together with more than 90 charities, think tanks, faith groups, businesses and trade unions to launch the ‘Lift the Ban’ campaign calling on the Government to grant the right to work to people seeking asylum.

New Research

The campaign is launching with a new report – Lift the Ban: Why People Seeking Asylum Should Have the Right to Work – that reveals the full extent of both the moral and economic evidence for lifting the ban. It makes the case that policy reform would support integration into new communities, allow people to live in dignity and provide for themselves, and improve the health and wellbeing of people in the system. It also features new statistics from a survey of 246 people with direct experience of the asylum process which revealed that:

  • 94% of respondents would like to work if given permission to do so;
  • Nearly two-thirds (65%) were working before they came to the UK;
  • 74% had a secondary level education or higher, while 37% had an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

The report also looks at the economic case for lifting the ban and suggests that this could produce an economic gain for the Government worth tens of millions through increased tax revenues and savings on asylum support payments. You can find a short summary of key arguments on our twitter feed here.

The Guardian has covered the story in-depth here, including a full page story in print and a corresponding article featuring Nahla’s story. The Independent has also covered the story and we’re expecting further media coverage throughout the week. 

New Campaigning Resources

The Lift the Ban coalition has produced a number of creative resources that can be shared to spread the message of the campaign and encourage supporters to take action. Based on the idea that when you gain the right to work you gain so much more, the resources look at all the things that might be missed from not working – everything from water-cooler moments with co-workers to getting the Monday morning blues.

Feel free to download the resources and share with your networks using #LiftTheBan available here. In addition to raising awareness of the issue we’re encouraging people to take action and sign the petition to the Home Secretary here.

Take Action

Join us spreading the word about the campaign!

  • Take part in the social media conversation using #LiftTheBan and share the resources above with your networks.
  • Sign the petition calling on the Home Secretary to lift the ban.
  • If you represent an organisation, business, think tank, or other organised group, why not join the Lift the Ban Coalition? Email us on [email protected]
  • For more ideas on how you can help download the Lift the Ban Activism Pack – we need people to talk to their local MPs, get in touch with local media, host events and gather petition signatures in order to secure change!

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or thoughts about how you can get involved with the campaign – email us on [email protected].

For more information on the campaign and what we’re calling for you can visit:

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