Calling on local businesses: will you give your support to the Lift the Ban campaign?


What is Lift the Ban?

Right now, people seeking asylum in the UK are banned from working

Instead of allowing people – builders, chefs, shop workers, barbers, engineers, programmers, health care workers, waiters, and many more – to work and contribute to their communities, the ban forces them to live in poverty while their skills go to waste. 

Since 2018, a coalition of almost 300 charities, trade unions, businesses, faith groups and more, have all been campaigning under the banner of “Lift the Ban” to overturn the Government’s ban on people seeking asylum being able to work. Together we have won strong support for the campaign from the public, across political parties and built enormous momentum. 

Why do we need local business support?

We know there are many businesses who think banning people from working makes no sense and are happy to add their voice to calls for change.

By joining other diverse voices and taking simple actions, you can help show politicians that the business community recognises people seeking asylum could strengthen the workforce and boost the economy, if only they are given the chance.

Why now?

From the start, Lift the Ban has had strong support from large national businesses who see the economic benefits of giving people a chance. With skills gaps deepening across many industries and businesses struggling to find the employees to meet their needs, the case for lifting the ban has never been stronger. Now we need local businesses to support lifting the ban so MPs see that a wide range of people in their area want to see change. 

What can local businesses do to help the campaign?

There are lots of things that businesses of all shapes and sizes can do to help us lift the ban.

First and foremost, you can register your support for the campaign.

Register your support today here

Any action of any size is useful and most welcome. 

If you are keen to get more involved, further ideas for actions you could take include:

  • Posting about the campaign on your social media channels (you can use our social media assets)
  • Taking a photo holding up Lift the Ban posters at your premises for social media/news articles
  • Putting up campaign posters and stickers on your premises
  • Sharing campaign leaflets with your customers/within your networks
  • Get involved in a local Lift the Ban event
  • Participating in media work (e.g. giving supportive quotes, taking part in an interview)
  • Meeting with local decision makers alongside campaigners with lived experience of the ban (e.g MPs, councillors, Chambers of Commerce)
  • Inviting other businesses in your networks to support the campaign
  • Join the coalition as a full coalition member

We can provide you with the support and materials you need to take action and have an impact. You can find our campaign resources, such as posters and window stickers, in this google folder here

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like some of these resources posted to you! 


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