The High Street Challenge: win local businesses support for Lift the Ban

Business backing for the right to work has always been strong, and we need decision makers to know this.

Therefore for the next stage of the campaign, we are launching the High Street Challenge- calling on campaigners to bring local businesses onboard to win the right to work.

If we can build support with local businesses and bring their voices into our local and national campaigning, the Government will be under even greater pressure to listen to common sense and overturn the ban.

The High Street Challenge is all about calling on local businesses of all shapes and sizes to show their support for Lift the Ban. We need your help to ask businesses and shop owners in your community to back the campaign. From hairdressers to cafe owners, estate agents to ice cream parlours, any business can step up and speak out.

It’s easy to get involved.

Step 1) Get started by downloading the High Street Challenge Handbook 

Step 2) Connect with other campaigners in your area by emailing [email protected]

Step 3) Choose some businesses in your community

Step 4) Download the resources like sign-up sheets and posters.

Step 5) Approach the businesses and explain the campaign to them

Step 6) Turn support into action – ask the business to sign up as a business supporter of the campaign

Step 7) Maximise their support – you can use our resources to share on social media, get press coverage and share with decision makers

Step 8) Keep growing support- you can use our templates letters to contact your local councillors, MPs, Chambers of Commerce and local trade union branches about the campaign.

For hard copies of the handbook, poster and flyers, contact us at [email protected]

Good luck- let us know how you get on!

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